Douglas fir plantation in the Suceava Forest

Last March, 22 acres of forest were planted by our Group under the forest management plan. Two phases of clearing then followed since the summer season had contributed to the development of the herbaceous and shrubby layers. A third phase is currently under preparation to ensure the viability of the plantation for next year. Moreover, as deer live in this forest area, the sowing has been protected by an ecological repellent product in line with our respect for biodiversity, a strong value of the Group.

It is important to mention that for this plantation, we chose the Douglas fir as the dominant species among oaks and larches. Why the Douglas fir? Because it is a resinous species with fairly fast growth and longevity of more than 700 years. But the most important reason is the following, the Douglas fir, in comparison for instance with fir or spruce, responds very well to water stress.

Water stress will also be improved through the use of the vegetable charcoal Terra Fertilis® on each plant to optimize and maximize the success rate of the plantation. 

Douglas fir plantation in the Suceava Forest
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