Who are we?

Eastern Forest Sustainable Development®, a brand of the SLB Group

The SLB Group has been active in the forestry sector for almost 30 years.

In light of the consequences greenhouse gas emissions have for our planet, it is essential to commit to action to limit their impact. Forests are one of the key players in carbon sequestration. They help to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere because trees can convert CO2 in the air into plant matter through photosynthesis.

Founded in 1991 by Stéphane Ledentu, the SLB Group opened its international business in Romania with the acquisition and management of forests, before developing an innovative afforestation concept in Eastern. To combine ecology and profitable forestry investments, in 2011 the SLB Group created its Econologic Program® carbon offset brand. With more than 10,000 ha under management, the SLB Group is diversifying its activities by offering a range of 100% natural ecological products. It is developing new products under the brand name Terra Fertilis®. Suitable for organic farming, they are composed of vegetable charcoal and other natural products.

Our story

Our commitments
and values

With Eastern Forest®, you can diversify your portfolio by purchasing tangible, real and emotional assets.
By buying with Eastern Forest®, you are part of an economic, ecological and responsible initiative.

Protecting and developing your assets

To optimise the sale of your different Romanian species, Eastern Forest® assists and coordinates all industry figures with their purchasing policy. Your forests are insured against storms, fire, acquisition, etc.

Acting sustainably

As demonstrated by its various certifications, sustainable development and the environment are core concerns of Groupe SLB.

2,490 ha (out of 5,329 ha) of the Eastern Forest® programs are certified to FSC® Standards (under the Group Scheme managed by OCOLUL SILVIC CODRII VERZI SRL with FSC Licence code FSC®-C126638), thus guaranteeing the traceability of products issued from sustainably managed forests.

Eastern Forest® works to balance flora and fauna, and contributes to natural forest regeneration."

Effective support for your projects

Eastern Forest® is a professional, passionate and fully dedicated team in France and Romania which offers effective support for your projects.

Our teams
Sharing our know-how

Eastern Forest® and its employees control each stage when purchasing and managing forests, but also selecting and using timber for the international market. All forests are supervised by our Romanian and French legal experts, which approve each stage of your acquisition. A forest report provided by our independent experts certifies the value of your investment.

A tree looks in every direction at once

In Transylvania, at the heart of one of the most beautiful forests in Europe...