SLB Group - Newsletter 2022

In 2022: convince more economic actors of the need to commit to global carbon neutrality through our carbon sequestration programmes.

In 2022, Groupe SLB intensified its action on the issue of carbon sequestration.

Despite an economic and social context still disrupted by the health crisis, we have consolidated our positions in the market for the sale of carbon solutions, in particular with the SEP 2 programme, which meets the needs of companies on the "carbon contribution" aspect of CSR strategies.

Internally, we are working on improving ESG criteria. The actions we have undertaken or will undertake in the coming months reflect our vision of a company evolving within diverse ecosystems. Its development must therefore be based on more than just economic concerns, in order to put people at the heart of its projects and to seek positive impacts on the environment.

There are ways to achieve the necessary ecological transition. Let us take them.

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SLB Group - Newsletter 2022
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