Eastern Forest

Our commitments and our values

With Eastern Forest, you purchase the reals assets.

Protect and develop your assets

To optimize the sale of your different Romanian tree species, Eastern Forest® assists and coordinates all industry players in their purchasing policy. Your forests are insured against storms and fires...

Acting sustainably

FSC certified

As the various certificates it holds makes clear, SLB Group places sustainable development and the environment at the heart of its concerns.

Within the FSC® framework, Eastern Forest® is certified for the traceability of products from sustainably managed forests.

Eastern Forest® acts to preserve the balance between flora and fauna, contributing to the natural regeneration of forests.

Effectively take care of your projects.

Eastern Forest® is a professional, passionate and dedicated team in France and Romania that effectively takes care of your project.


Eastern Forest® and its partners manage all stages of forest purchase and management, as well as the selection and extraction of wood for the international market. All proposed forests are reviewed by our Romanian and French legal experts who validate each stage of your acquisition. A forest report by our independent experts attests to the value of your investment.

Photos of our teams
Investissement éconologique

In Transylvannia, at the heart of one of the most beautiful forests in Europe...

A tree looks from all sides at once