Eastern Forest

Diversify you asset with a safe haven, the forest

by investing in a high yield asset !

  • The diversity of species (oak, beech, linden, spruce...) meets the needs of different wood-related industrial activities in Europe and worldwide.
    Your trees grow, your capital increases.
  • Our expertise in the selection of forests and management of natural regeneration means your forest capital lasts, with a high added value.
    An alternative profitable and sustainable investment.
Schéma d'investissement
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Uses of wood

At each stage of its development, Romanian wood finds multiple uses with high added value :

  • papier Firewood
  • ameublement Furniture
  • construction Construction

Since 2007, Eastern Forest® has relied on a network of professionals in the timber industry (sawmills, loggers...). As it continues to grow, the demand for wood matches the volume of managed forests, which ensures extracted timber will be sold. Visit a Romanian sawmill


The information given in this website, the leaflets and brochures and other SLB Group support media is based on the existing forestry programmes and are provided by way of example; the latter do not constitute contractual documents. The media are intended to facilitate financial understanding of the proposed investment
The investment is in fact not guaranteed, with regard to capital or yield.
This is a private call for savings which is extraneous to banking and financial soliciting pursuant to Article L 411-1 of the French Monetary and Financial Code.

Investissement éconologique

Thanks to your investment and the long-term management of your forest by Eastern Forest®, you will protect European forests and play an active role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

There is no tree variety queen among trees but species adapted to each element